Mundane Monday/ Monthly Favourite: August 2017

Mundane Monday is a platform to show you what I’m loving at the moment…be it books (Duh), Food (yum) or just random stuff….

I re-read one of my favourite book. Colleen Hoover- It Ends With Us 

This book still gives me the feels people!

giphy (5)
but nonetheless, I’ll still read it again and again!

As i mentioned at my previous post, Sarah J Maas is releasing a new book tomorrow….so…I Had to re-read the other books from the same series (Throne Of Glass Series)…
This is literally me after the book
giphy (1)

on a lighter note, One of my favourite vlogger’s is Lilly Pebbles from UK and about a few months ago, she and her friend Anna from TheAnnaEdit (Another Favourite) started a Podcast called At home with…. (  It’s basically them visiting some pretty famous people’s home such as makeup artist Lisa Eldridge or youtube guru Zoe Sugg’s home.Have a listen to them interview whilst they nose around the guest’s homes, riffle through their wardrobe etc. you can listen to them at itunes as well but i prefer the android version(acast) because you can actually look at some of the pictures that they took.

Anyway I hope you have an amazing week!

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