Erin Watt- Fallen Heir| Review


I fell in love with Easton Royal while reading the first three books in ‘The Royal’ series.
So…. you can only guess the excitement i felt when i found out that Erin Watt was writing a book on Easton!
giphy (9)

Easton Royal is the fun and reckless Royal. The playful Royal. The you-live-once-so-live-life-to-the-fullest Royal. Easton is also sweet and loyal but he has a self destructive side too.

Hartley on the other hand is composed, headstrong, a loner and stubborn. Deathly combination, right?
I love the fact that she doesnt take Easton’s bullshit.
giphy (12)
source (2)

But there’s something about Easton and Hartley together…. Magic!
giphy (13)

This was a slow burn kinda romance but it still keeps you captivated from the first chapter… PLUS…. the end!!!! I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT AT ALL!!!!
giphy (10) (FYI…Thats me getting knocked out by Erin Watt)



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