Samantha Armstrong- Stolen Hearts | Review


samantha armstrong
Genre: Romance, New Adult


The first word in the book says it all- Fuck!
This is the debut novel by Samantha Armstrong and I really enjoyed this book. After I was done reading ..all I could do was savour all the emotions that went through me.

When you first read the synopsis, it sounds like a typical YA poor girl-rich guy relationship but Maddison and Kingsley’s relationship has a certain aspect that feels different yet familiar, something that sort of lingers with you even as you finish reading it.
Maddy and Hamish aka Kingsley’s relationship has it all:
→ A hot captain of the lacrosse team –  ✔
→ A hardheaded/stubborn, beautiful/talented girl-  ✔
→ A romance thats sweet, tender yet rough around the edges- ✔
→ A relationship where past events haunts the present- ✔

I can’t wait for ‘stolen songs #2’! I look forward to Maddy and Kingsley’s journey.

Special Note
Tilly ( Maddy’s foster sister)
I feel like I found my soul sister. Besisdes her love of The Harry Potter book Series or her favourite HP book (Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix); Tilly is just 9 years old but acts like a 20 year old. she’s mature, independent, responsible and stubborn (something both sisters have-stubbornness).
I loved Tilly’s character and if the author ever decides to write a book on her,I’d be the first to order it.

Nick ( Kingsley’s chef but is more like a brother/father)
I love characters that are a strong support system for people and Nick is one of those people. He’s quiet yet strong and selfless.

new 3.5 small

Happy Reading!

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