Marianna Zapata – Dear Aaron | Review

dear aaron

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Military


Ruby Santos knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed up to write a soldier overseas.
The guidelines were simple: one letter or email a week for the length of his or her deployment. Care packages were optional.
Been there, done that. She thought she knew what to expect.
What she didn’t count on was falling in love with the guy.

Hands down one of my top 10 favourite authors of all time. I love her work! I call her the Queen of ‘slow-burn’ romance. Her work is “realistic”, as in, you grow into the story just like how you would in real life (sort of) relationship. Gosh!You can’t help but finish her books in one sitting!
Now, I admit I was a little apprehensive about this book-
1. The author said it’d be different than the rest of her books.
2.The name of the book. I mean- It had a flashback feel to ‘Dear John‘ or ‘Dear                           Rosie‘. Get what I mean?
But, that wasn’t the case. Granted the exchange between Aaron and Ruby took almost half of the book but like I said-Queen of Slow Burn. I will tell you this-It wasn’t boring at all. You grow along with them as their relationship turns from complete strangers to friends who share their hopes and dreams.
Ruby is a hustler, Sarcastic, witty,hilariously funny and hardworking. Aaron on the other hand is patient, sweet,observant and surprisingly romantic.Their banters are hilarious especially chapter 10. Note: DO NOT…I REPEAT…DO NOT read that chapter in the middle of the night or in a crowded place- You can kiss your sleep goodbye and might as well take your dignity along with you because you will look crazy laughing like a loon!
I love Ruby’s family-they are crazy. I especially love her over the top- flair for dramatics mother ! Case in point: messages from her mother to Ruby

“They’re going to harvest your organs and throw you in the ocean.Tell Shamu I said hi. we’ll remember you”


“You’re going to give me a heart attack. why are you trying to kill me? you were suppose to be my good daughter, not like these other dipshits. Do you not care about my health? I’m too young to die from a heart attack. Do you even love me?”

FYI those ‘dipshits’ were her siblings. hahaha!


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