Danielle Lori – A girl in black and white | Review

a girl

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Suspense

My once upon a time didn’t end with happily ever after—but with blood-stained hands and cold blue eyes. The story of my life had been laid beneath my feet since childhood, but until death, I’d never known that road was paved with stones called lies.
In this city of sun and heat, cloaked in dark, both inside and out, I became somebody other than Farm Girl. There was no assassin behind my back. No, my shackles were just as tight but came in a different form.
Like Death’s icy fingers running down my spine, the ones that had gripped me for months, my past haunted my present in the guise of nostalgia. My old chains still left marks on my skin, their owner’s gaze following behind. But he didn’t know I lived. He didn’t know I was so close, that I heard his name spoken every day. That I still hated him. Until my hate started tasting suspiciously different.
One mistake and everything I’d created unraveled. A liar. Corruptor. He stood in front of me now. The air was heavy with expectation, tense with the possibilities of how this would unfold, of what he would do.
But there was always two sides to every story, and maybe in this version, the corruptor wasn’t him, but me.

I was re-reading the previous book, A Girl Named Calamity, waiting for the paperback version of A Girl in Black and White to arrive at my doorstep, when the author kindly sent me an ebook version of it on my mail! yeah for small miracles!

I was a little confused at the beginning of the the book especially because of the way the last book ended. I mean major cliffhanger! But nonetheless that didn’t last long and what I was reading were amazing.. I mean the prologue and chapter 1.. geez…goosebumps! This book seemed a lot darker, edgier and a whole lot sexier than the first.
Calamity is still the same snarky, sarcastic,witty girl- just bolder yet vulnerable at the same time. She’s badass in this book and I loved that!
Weston…. What Weston lacked in the first book, he made it all up for us in this one! FYI he even talks more in this one hahaha!
Remember the angst…Ahem…OK…Fine… the sexual frustration we felt between Cal and Weston?well… the author didn’t just dip her toes into the water.. she went full on- jumped right into the ocean and WE, as readers thoroughly enjoyed it! So,for that thank you, Danielle Lori!
And Oh My God the cliffhanger! We should call Danielle the Queen of Cliffhangers from now on cause that ending! NOT NICE Danielle! You can’t do that! Just when you get comfortable- relax and bask into the glory of Cal and Weston. BOOM!! Major Cliffhanger!

The world created by Danielle is so different yet familiar and you are hooked from the get go!It has been an unexpected find, this series, and I am eagerly waiting for the next one!


Note: A copy of the book was graciously given to me by the author.. without any expectation. I only wrote this review because I loved it.


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