Cat Mason – Somethin’ Bad | ARC Review

Cat new

Author: Cat Mason 
Title: Somethin’ Bad
Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: September 26, 2017


Tequila can make a woman do somethin’ stupid.
Somethin’ bad…

After celebrating my birthday with my best friends turns into the most embarrassing night of my life, the last thing I expected was to see him walk into my bakery. The sexy smile on his face lets me know that he has no intention of letting me off the hook either. He doesn’t want an apology or an explanation.

He wants me.

The way Matt Hudson crashes into my life and bosses me around as if he has known me all my life is frustrating. What’s even worse is the power he has to bring me to my knees with the flash of one his panty-melting smiles. He steals my control without even trying.

Makes me want.

Makes me need.

Even when my life begins to unravel right before my eyes, there is a part of me hoping that the man my friends have dubbed Hunk P.D. may be something good to come out of all my heartache.

Another Launch from the Corps Security Kindle World Launch, Somethin’ Bad is an extension of Harper Sloan’s Hope Town World. Now, I have never read any books from Cat Mason BUT I have read the Hope Town series by harper Sloan…so I was excited to check this book out.

Sienna is the owner/baker of Sienna Baker while Matt a.k.a Hunk P.D is a cop. After a birthday celebration that turns into an embarrassing encounter, Sienna and Matt connect.. Sparks fly.. and the world of ‘Sienna and Matt’ intrigues the entire reading world.
Somethin’ Bad isn’t a long book and if, what you are searching for is an ‘Instant Gratification’ kind of book then, Somethin’ Bad is definitely for you (At least to me it was).
This book was fun, funny, fast paced and Hot. I mean Super Hot!
Note: Can we please talk about her BFF Briggs?! I mean Crazy!!! I loved her ‘Incident’ with Jimmy. That ladies and gentlemen was Hardcore Badass!

These books are intended for a mature reading audience and aren’t suitable for younger readers.

3 star


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