Lylah James- The Mafia and His Angel: Part 2 | Review

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Title: The Mafia and his Angel (Tainted Hearts #2)
Author: Lylah James
Genre: Adult, Romance, Dark
Publication Date: October 24, 2017


The darkness never truly left me. It’s always there, waiting for the right moment to strike.

It’s been months since I ran away from the nightmare that was slowly killing me. I ran for my life, straight into the arms of a man who I thought would be worse than the nightmare I’d left behind.

Little did I know he’d become my savior.

But my happy ending was ripped away from me in a blink of an eye. I had everything…and I lost everything.


I didn’t believe in angels. But then I saw her. I touched her. I kissed her. I made love to her.
In return, she saved my soul.

I was no longer unlovable, because my Angel found it in her heart to love me.

I had her…and then I lost her.

But I will not stop until I find her.

Even if it means starting a war and spilling the blood of everyone who gets in my way.

I will find my Angel.

I gave in to hype and bought the books…and… Holy Shit!I am sooooo glad I got to read this book. There is always a 50/50 chance when you ‘buy’ into a book thats so hyped up-you either love it or hate it. Can you make out that I loved this book?
This Mafia and His Angel: Part 2 is a continuation after that MAJOR cliffhanger in Part 1.

I love mafia romance novels and there have been many that I’ve obsessed over but by far THIS book has become one of my favourites! I can’t get over it! It was brutal! Absolutely brutal! Brutally emotional! I sobbed my eyes out, cursed (never realised I had such a potty mouth. hahaha), and fell head over heels in love with Alessio and Ayla.

I will say this, the book is not for the faint of heart, there are issues which are ‘uncomfortable’ but once you come to terms with that, you see the innocent yet raw love between these two shattered souls.
I can’t get over how much this book ripped my heart out. MY MIND IS OFFICIALLY BLOWN AWAY!!!!
The characters are swoon worthy and the secrets revealed will leave you utterly utterly dumbstruck! There is so much pain and revenge and love in this book…it’s overwhelmingly beautiful.
Did I mention I sobbed my eyes out?! Literally to the point where I started getting a headache BUT I couldn’t stop until the very last page. By the time I was done with the book, the sun had risen and I felt utterly gutted because Lylah James had ended the book in another MAJOR cliffhanger and because we will never know when Part 3 will be released.
I hope you guys get to read this beautifully dark romance between Alessio and Ayla. I really don’t want to reveal anything about the storyline because I want you to experience what every reader of this book have experienced so far. Happy Reading Guys!

Note: I advice you to read Part 1 First

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5 thoughts on “Lylah James- The Mafia and His Angel: Part 2 | Review

  1. Wow…this book sounds pretty fantastic!! I do love Mafia romances if they are done well. To be honest I get so scared around super hyped books because most of the time they just let me down. However this book sounds fantastic. I will go look on amazon for book 1 and 2!! Great review and love your blog!!

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