Auden Dar- Prelude | ARC Review


Title: Prelude (The Interlude Duet) 
Author: Auden Dar
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 9, 2017


I thought I had it all until he came back.
Julian Caine, my childhood friend, was a short, scrawny thirteen-year-old boy
with thick glasses and a mouthful of braces the last time I saw him.
Fourteen years later, he’s no longer an awkward teen.
He’s all man.
A. Beautiful. Staggering. Drop-dead. Gorgeous. Man.
This is more than a fleeting attraction. I’ve spent too many sleepless nights obsessing over him while my fiancé sleeps next to me.
Then Julian makes a proposal I can’t ignore.
One night.
That’s all he’s offering.
If I say yes, will I finally have it all? Or will it be a prelude to disaster?

I finished the book. I actually finished it cause I was half way towards putting this one in the DNF section. I was tricked I tell you- I mean look at that cover! Read that synopsis! Won’t you want to read a book that ‘supposedly’ has it all? A beautiful haunting cover and a blurb that just gets you so excited?!

To tell you the truth, it wasn’t all that bad.. at least at the beginning. I was actually feeling sympathetic towards the protagonist…I mean her relationship with her finance is practically non-existent but still… come on woman! The entire time I was reading the damn book my brain was literally screaming “You are a 30 year old woman! Act like one!”.

Don’t even get me started on Lina’s long dragging inner-monologue- her bloody horniness was annoying me! Geez… Desperate much?! For the first time in my life, I didn’t like the ‘guy’ in the book. I couldn’t ‘connect’. Yes he is rich, cocky and smooth but all I can say is EHHH.

Sorry but this book was such a huge disappointment.

2 star

Note: Yes I gave it a 2 stars… Cause I really like the cover and it had huge potential… and maybe..maybe some ‘editing’ would have helped?


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