Emily Bowie- Recklessly Forbidden | ARC Review


Title: Recklessly Forbidden (Bennett Brothers #2)
Author: Emily Bowie
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: November 21, 2017


Growing up in the shadows of an all-star football player in a small town isn’t easy. It’s even harder when that legend is your older brother. Jewels Rogers always plays safe, preferring the shadows that allow her to go unnoticed. When scandal breaks and rumors spread, she leaves Three Rivers, planning to never return.

Sinfully sexy, Tyson Bennett gets through life easy. He’s stellar at his job, loves playing on the dark side, and girls drop their panties when he looks their way. Except for the one girl he can’t stop thinking about. His natural charisma seems to disappear around the mysterious beauty who caught his eye.

When one of his infamous blackmail deals goes awry, Tyson realizes that maybe it isn’t just the deal that is spiraling out of control but his life, too.

Will Tyson be able to win Jewels over and keep her safe before it’s too late?
Will Jewels finally step out of the shadows and play the leading lady in her own life?

Where do I start?
I had such high hope for this book! I was so excited when I received an ARC and I felt that way for the first 40% of the book.
I will say this… I loved Jewels. She’s bloody independent, she’s down-to-earth and real.
Tyson ..hmm… I’m not sure about him. I didn’t really get to “know’ him that well as a character. He’s ‘suppose’ to be an alpha male- All hot and all but I found him to be lukewarm.

But I will tell you this, The first 40% was good then it went somewhere……
The first time Tyson and Jewels meet? That scene was hilarious.. He’s “Mr.Cool”, Girls flock to him but Jewels seem least interested and the whole situation is so funny. And thats about it. Thats all I remember about the book. I think that says something, right? By the end of the book, I literally said “EH!”

This could have been so much more, It was almost there…. maybe the best is yet to come?



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