Lyah James- The Mafia and his Angel: Part 3| ARC Review

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Title: The Mafia and His Angel Part 3 (Tainted Hearts #3)
Author: Lylah James
Genre: Dark Romance, mafia
Publication Date: Novemeber 21, 2017



My wings were ready to fly, but he clipped them. Feather by feather, until I had nothing left.

Then my savior came.

He waged a bloodbath to find me. He loves me. He wants his Angel to be free.

But how can I fly again when my wings are broken?


This war isn’t over. If he thought he could break her and just disappear, he was wrong. I am going to find him and break him like he broke her.

I made a vow to my Angel.

I promised to let her fly…I promised to save her soul.

And I never break my vows.

I have been delaying writing this review now for so long. When I got the ARC, I devoured it and then I read it again. I have a couple of favourite books that I always read them again and again and again, The Tainted Hearts Series will forever be one of my favourites. Bold statement but you know when you know. I knew the moment I finished this book, my world will never ever be the same again.

If you’ve read my previous review (Here), you know that I fell in love with Alessio and Ayla’s love-story. The Mafia and His Angel Part 3 is a stunning conclusion to this beautiful series! Words will never be good enough to express the sheer emotions that I went through while reading this series! I feel like it sounds so frivolous when we, as bloggers/writers, say it’s a brilliant book when we love a book BUT this series truly is brilliant! No one is excepting a literary piece of work here OK? It takes a great storyteller to write a book that will make it’s entire legions of fan weep with the torrid of emotions that we go through!

Alessio and Ayla…Can we please take a moment and just sigh with pleasure. Their love is out of this world!
Alessio… Oh Lord! Alessio! Can we take a moment to appreciate this man? His persistence and devotion towards Ayla is.. Oh god!My heart can’t take it! I just want to bawl my eyes out whenever I think about Alessio’s love for Ayla. I loved how he could be so brutal and barbaric with others but turn into just a gentle man with Ayla.
Ayla, sweet-gentle Ayla, She is so beautiful and so brave! I felt her pain and sadness, her anger and betrayal. I am so glad and proud of her for overcoming the darkness.

The Mafia and His Angel Part 3 is a Damn good book! The first half is horrifyingly divine and epic!
Alessio is scary man! He is brutal, ruthless and fearless! Does it make me a sadistic person to ‘witness’ Alessio put the fear of God into Ayla’s tormentors? maybe. Do I care? No. Those A**Holes deserved it!
If you’ve read the book or planning to read the book, You’ll know the scene I’m talking about-
When Alessio shouted “I am your motherfucking King!” I swear I got goosebumps and literally responded “Hell yeah!!!!!” (Not even ashamed about that outburst. hahaha!)

On a lighter note, I could not stop laughing: To witness these powerful, scary, ruthless, mafia men panic at the idea of a woman giving birth! That scene was so hilarious and it made me so happy for this couple- to be surrounded by all these people who hope and wish the best for them just as we , as readers, do.

I have loved this series and I will truly miss their journey!But I know that I will forever be reaching into my bookshelf to re-read their story again and again until the day I die.

I was so nervous and scared to write this review because I loved this series so much and I knew that me rabbling on and on about the book will never be enough to express how much I loved it. But hopefully you will give it a try and be content knowing that your world will never be the same again.

Happy Reading!



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