Casey Peeler- Beckett | ARC Review


Title: Beckett (Drake Brothers #4)
Author: Casey Peeler
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: November 17, 2017


Beckett Drake is Mr. Responsible, but his life is different from his brothers—his eyes, his skin, and his father. His job is to put out fires, but the moment he lays eyes on Dallas, he knows that is a fire he never wants to extinguish.

Dallas takes pride in providing for her daughter and not letting a man help in any way.

Beckett will stop at nothing to protect these two, even if he has to lose himself in the process.

I don’t know what to say… I’m not in the majority here. I didn’t like this book. It’s a fast paced… Instant gratification kind of book. Nothing wrong with that, but I felt like the characters had no depth even with all the effort of them trying to be all broody or all “Miss independent” . I hate putting books into the DNF section and so, like always I powered through it. Which BY THE WAY was f****g difficult because this book took me 2 days to finish! 2 days for that short story…I kept falling asleep! It was a yawn fest and I really don’t see what everyone is all going on about ..I mean 5 stars?! Come on! I refuse to believe that this book is worth that much!

2 star


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