M. Robinson- El Santo | Review

el santo

Title: El Santo (Saint-Sinner #1)
Author: M. Robinson 
Genre: Dark Romance, Suspense
Publication: November 16, 2017

I didn’t know darkness and evil lurked inside me until I had to murder in order to survive. Forced to become my own worst enemy. With so much blood on my hands, I was surprised I could still see my own skin.
I killed.
I tortured.
I loved…
I played God while I was rotting in Hell. Thriving on control and power was the only way I knew how to live. There were no other options.
If you weren’t my friend, you were my foe.
If you weren’t with me, you were against me.
Traitors, as I called them. There were no imaginary lines. I’d crossed them all. No boundaries. No second chances. No redemption.
Not for me.
For them.
For anyone.
Only for her…
She loved me. Always convinced I was a saint, never believing I was just another sinner.
A fucking monster.

Until it was too late.

Except, I didn’t choose this life.
It. Chose. Me.

I kid you not. I kept an alarm on my phone for this book. The moment it went live, I clicked the Buy button so fast. Why? Because I love everything M. Robinson has ever written. Her book El Diablo?! OMG *insert scream* I love that book! I’ve re-read that book so many times!

A little disclaimer: M.Robinson’s books are raw- filled with greed, power, lust and revenge. Everything Dark…All things addictive!

El santo was a slow burn kind of romance with all the fast paced greed, violence and power you could possibly ask for! Confused? Damien and Amira’s development into “something” was slow but you didn’t feel like you were missing out on anything- There was so much violence, suspense, angst and sexual tension going on that you’ll be satisfied no matter what! This book gripped me from the very first chapter and I loved it!

Do NOT expect Mr.Prince charming in this book- If you do, you will be throughly disappointed. Damien is brutal but atleast he is honest about it.

Now I don’t know what to say here except the truth, That ending? That bloody cliffhanger?! If you were next to me when I finished the book, you would have wanted to clean my mouth because my god! ‘Simple’ profanities will not suffice for the sheer … let’s call it ’emotions’ that I went through.. I mean What the ever loving god! My poor heart!

I can’t wait for part 2! Read the damn book people! hahaha!





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