T L Swan- Dr.Stanton’s The Epilogue | ARC Review


Title: Dr. Stanton’s The Epilogue
Author: T L Swan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 19, 2017


Follow the next five years for Cameron Stanton and Ashley Tucker………..

If happiness is a gift.
Then Cameron Stanton is my Santa Claus.

I can’t tell you the exact moment I fell in love with him.
Only that I did.
With every glance, every touch, every minute…. he stole a little more of me.

They say that all men are created equal.
Well that’s a blatant lie!

I know because I met Gods gift to women in Vegas,
I pretended he was my husband to get rid of another man.

He took our fake marriage seriously and it became his personal goal to consummate.
He spoke to me in French and I lied to him in German.

His laughter was addictive.

But I thought what happens in Vegas would stay in Vegas.

Until it didn’t.
Dr. Stanton turned up where I least expected and my lies came back to haunt me.

The attraction is palpable.
The secrets unchangeable.
I need him more than air.

Who loved Grey’s Anatomy?! Me!
Dr. Stanton was THE McDreamy in book form. I love the book Dr. Stanton to bits and lo and behold… The Epilogue Ladies and Gentlemen!
This book made me miss Cameron and Ashley’s crazy stupid love even more!
The Epilogue was such a fun book! It was fun and loving one second, hot and heavy the other and F****g hilarious the next. I loved this book so much!

The Epilogue had EVERYTHING I wanted from this couple!
I will never be immune to Cameron’s charm (especially when he wears his suit) *Sigh*
The whole gang (The Stanton series) is back and they are a hoot! I could not stop laughing during the scene where Adrian was ‘panting’ along with Ashley during her contractions… That was hilarious!!!! And it still makes me laugh whenever I think about it….

This novella was truly the icing on the cake for this saga. Now, Where can I find a Dr.Stanton for myself? lol

Note: How cute was Owen?!



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