Larissa Weatherall- When It Was Us | ARC Review

when it was us

Title: When It Was Us (Sage Hills Series Book 1)
Author: Larissa Weatherall
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: December 5, 2017


Betrayal tore her world apart. Now Anna is back in her hometown hoping she might be able to pick up the pieces.

Anna is determined to get her life back together—to not let the disappointment of a failed marriage define her. That is, until the first man to ever break her heart steps in and throws her new plans for an independent future off course.

Drew pushed Anna away in a moment of panic, and he’s lived with the regret since the day he watched her marry another man. Now he wants her back, and he’ll go to any length to prove he never stopped loving her.

But ten years is a long time, and nothing is as simple as it was back then.

Not only does Anna still carry the scar Drew left behind all those years ago, she also hides a secret that threatens to destroy their last hope to find happily ever after.

If there’s a book out there that makes me Blissfully Content… When It Was Us was it for me. This is the Debut novel for Larissa Weatherall and I am in a state of pure happiness.

When It Was Us was everything a second chance romance should be. You should know by now that I am a sucker for any second chance romance but at the same time I can get quite critical about them- I have NO room for unnecessary drama!

This book, like the characters, Drew and Anna, was fierce! Their love was potent-to the point where it stood the test of time. Drew and Anna were childhood friends that turned into high school sweethearts but Drew pushed Anna away in a moment of panic and lived to regret till this day.
Anna is incredibly smart and witty. she was always optimistic, compassionate and fiercely loyal. But ever since Drew shattered her heart then later on her failed marriage, She turned into a cynic, atleast when it came to relationships.
But like any second chance romance book, you know whats going to happen but at the same time, you feel the betrayal, the hurt and the fear to take a chance once again.

Drew and Anna,from a young age, were each others strength and courage. They bickered,argued, pushed each other’s buttons, but their love, as always was all consuming.

When It Was Us brought me so much joy and I hope you give it a try. This book had a sense of innocence with huge dollop of hotness that will satisfy your romantic soul. I promise.





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