Stacey Kade- Starlight Nights | ARC Review


Title: Starlight Nights
Author: Stacey Kade
Genre: Contemporary
Publication Date: January 9, 2018

At twenty-three, Calista Beckett is trying to overcome her early fame and fortune. The former savior of the world on Starlight is now a freshman at college–miles away from L.A. and her former existence. She sees it as her start to a new life, a normal life, one where she won’t make the same mistakes she made before–a brush with heroin addiction and losing her freedom to her controlling mother, thanks to a court order.

Eric Stone played her older brother, Byron, on Starlight. But she’s been in love with him pretty much since they kissed–her first kiss–while auditioning. When Eric shows up on campus out of the blue asking her to return to California for a role, Calista’s struck immediately by two things: first, in spite of everything that’s happened, she still feels something dangerous for him, and second, she’s absolutely determined not to let him ruin her life again.

Only Eric’s not giving up so easily.

I was NOT prepared for this book. AT.ALL.
I feel emotionally and mentally drained after having read this beauty of a book.
Talk about captivating a reader from the get go..huh? I was hooked into this book from the very first chapter and finished it in one sitting. I will say that this is definitely not an instant gratification kind of book… It’s almost a slow burn but with the satisfaction of giving us all the ‘feels’, before the big bang (yes, pun intended hahaha). You can feel the tension, the attraction, the bloody frustration radiating through the pages of this book.
I am a sucker for a tortured soul love romance. Is that healthy? Probably not… but the heart wants what it wants. eh.
Eric and Calista are beautiful together and even before they become a couple (I doubt that THAT’S a spoiler…right?), the chemistry is real and evident. The hopeful heart in me wants nothing more than for these two to throw caution to the wind and just be together…but that won’t make a good book now would it? Eric and Calista’s love story is messy, gritty, filled with angst.. It’s perfect for us readers! Hahaha.
Will it sound weird if I said that their life feel as though it was happening right in front my eyes.. their whole world unraveling … ok… that sounds creepy hahaha… I think the proper word to disturb it would felt true to life. hahahaha

I hope you give Starlight Nights a try and I hope you add it to your TBR list… It’s a wonderful contemporary romance that I highly recommend.

Happy Reading!


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