J. Lynn Bailey- Standing Sideways | ARC Review

standing sideways

Title: Standing Sideways
Author: J.Lynn Bailey
Genre: Contemporary
Publication Date: January 30, 2018

When Livia Stone suddenly loses her twin brother, Jasper, she must learn to navigate her new life alone. As she faces tragedy and starts down a road toward
self-destruction, Daniel enters Livia’s life—at a moment when she needs it most.

I think people react to grief in their own way and sometimes their way of coping isn’t always in the most conventional way.
I’m quite surprised by how much I liked Standing Sideways. It was touching and heartbreaking…the best way to sum up this book would be ‘a coming of age book’. Yes the characters made some stupid decisions but who hasn’t when they were at that age? or who isn’t going to? right?
Standing Sideways is told from Livia Stone’s POV and the narrative is sarcastic yet straightforward.
J.Lynn has written a book that is honest and raw. You can feel the desperation and the craving through the pages of the book.This book made me bawl my eyes out, I felt Livia loss and her utter confusion and hopelessness.
Let’s me honest here, ok? Standing Sideway at the end, is a sad book, a good sad book.

Standing sideways is a story of survival and courage.
A story of karma, fate and destiny.
A story of sadness and suffering.
It’s a story of forgiveness and love.
It’s a story of bravery.


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