S. Ferguson- Grace Between Mercy | ARC Review


Title: Grace Between Mercy 
Author: S. Ferguson
Genre: Contemporary Romance,
Publication Date: February 13, 2018

Once upon a time, killer recognized killer.

Kella is a hunter. It was the only way to survive on the streets—and it feels good. She’s never met a threat she couldn’t handle. Never stalked prey she couldn’t destroy.

And then she met the big, bad Ron Wolfe.

He rules all the darkest corners of this city. And he doesn’t have any soft spots left for little girls. Any pain in his past became armor long ago.

In a town where everyone is hiding something, the only magic is survival.

Fairytales are for children, and happy endings are lies. Some have to learn to make do with glimmers of hope, shining between grace and mercy.

I have been waiting for Grace Between Mercy since I read the synopsis a while back. I have say, I am slightly disappointed, only slightly. But not that disappointed that I wouldn’t give it a 4 star rating.

This book was faced paced and I did finish it in one sitting. The angst is high, the frustration is high but to be honest, maybe it’s because I’ve been spoiled by other ‘grittier’ books but the action isn’t the best (That’s just my opinion).

Kella is such a hardass! She is feisty and brave but maybe a tad reckless and impatient. Ron is older, wiser and has the patience of a saint- enter Kella, his one weakness, his one hope, his redemption and his love. I loved the chemistry between Kella and Ron.

Sadly, I really don’t like their names. The name ‘Ron’ doesn’t sound so badass does it? That name is synonymous and will always ever be for Ron Weasley and Ron Weasley alone. Did you know that the name Kella means Dick in my country?! Yup hahahaha
It’s kind of hard to imagine these two characters going at it when in my mind, I just picture two separate entities- Ron Weasley and a Dick. LOL! Sorry.

Enough said though…. Besides the debacle that is the name, I enjoyed Grace Between Mercy.


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