J.L. Lora – Steel | ARC Review


Title: Steel (trinity #3)

Author: J.L. Lora

Publication date: March 6,2018


Only the Devil you know has the power to really hurt you.

Strong, daring, and loyal to a fault, Amelia Solis is the soul of The Trinity. Yet, this leader of New York’s top cartel has become a pawn in the game of revenge. All to hurt Leandro, the man she wants more than life but cannot be with.

The enemy’s always watching, biding his time.

Leandro Masseur, Lieutenant in the McLean crime family, earned his position through loyalty, shrewd business, and ruthlessness. His enemies never see the bullet until it’s ready to lodge between their eyes. When a dead woman is found in Amelia’s bed, his world is flipped off its axis.

Their Devil knows what buttons to push.

Four women will die before a killer finishes a macabre target list, with Amelia as his crown piece. Leandro and Amelia must dodge the barrage of bullets and bombs to keep her safe. Tragedy has left them scarred and broken. But love won’t be denied, won’t wait, and Leandro won’t stop fighting for a chance. The only woman he’s ever loved has been marked for death. Leandro won’t let that happen

I  was expecting explosion… Instead I got sparks.

Steel was an ok read. The pace was fine but it was filled with ‘something’ that I can’t pinpoint. Somethingn that that left me bored at times. But then on the flip side Amelia and Leo’s chemistry can be somewhat described as explosive… Yet cliché.

Thé storyline was subdued compare to other books I’ve read from this genre: so,you couldn’t help but compare and feel disappointed.

Some would agree that the end was worth all the unnecessary dedication to finish this book and not push it off into the DNF pile …. Luckily for you and I both, I’d agree. I read it, finished it…didn’t really love it.

Considering the fact that Steel is a book that ‘supposedly’ has power characters, steel was an okay read.

new 3.5 small


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STEEL Teaser 1

STEEL Teaser 2

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