Ilsa Madden-Mills – I Dare You | ARC Review


Title: I Dare You (The Hook Up #1)
Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports
Publication Date: April 28, 2018

Badass Athlete: I dare you to…
Delaney Shaw: Who is this?

The late night text is random, but “Badass Athlete” sure seems to know who she is…

Delaney Shaw.
Good girl.
Lover of fluffy kitties and Star Wars.

His dare? Spend one night in his bed—a night he promises will be unforgettable—and she can solve the mystery of who he is.

She knows she shouldn’t, but what else is she going to do with her boring Valentine’s Day?

One sexy hook-up later, her mind is blown and the secret’s out.

Maverick Monroe.
Bad boy.
The most talented football player in the country.
Just ask him.

Too bad for him Delaney’s sworn off dating athletes forever after her last heartbreak.

But Maverick wants more than one night and refuses to give up on winning Delaney’s heart. She isn’t one to be fazed by a set of broad shoulders.

Will the bad boy land the nerd girl or will the secrets they keep from each other separate them forever?

I Dare You is for us. This book for the nerdy girls, the girls who obsess over books and fandoms… Just from reading Ilsa Madden-Mill’s dedication page, I knew I was going to love this book!
This book makes my spirit sing! This book makes it ok for me to geek out regarding Star Wars, baked goods but most of all, this book, make me feel like i’m not alone.

Delaney is our soul sister! she is the sister/best friend we always wanted. She is so quirky, fun and weird yet SO Freaking lovable! Delaney is fierce, witty and loyal. I can’t express how much I loved Delaney’s character!

Maverick is true to his name: he is independent, unorthodox, direct and so hard working! He is hot, cocky and a true example of a badass athlete but beneath all that facade, he is caring and endearingly sweet.

Ilsa Madden-Mills has now become one of my one-click authors. I Dare You is definitely going to be a book that I know I will read time and again.
Delaney and Maverick are characters that resonates fun yet inspirational qualities. Delaney has left a lasting impression on me with her love for all thing Geek Galore, her daring ability and her panache for giving fun weird names to animals (I am with her on that. I don’t know if some would take offense with this but I did this with the greatest intention at heart: I named my three puppies (all brothers, mind you), Osama, Obama and Hitler. I thought they could get along and be the complete opposites of their namesake and gel together. NOPE. They hated each other! lol! And I don’t know why I didn’t think things through with their names because I couldn’t find them one evening… So,there I was screaming “Osama! Obama! Hitler! Where are you?! Come Home!” hahahaha. yea… Thank you neighbours for laughing at me and not helping me search for them lol)

I admit that the star of the book for me is Delaney… She is my soul sister!
I Dare You is such a fun book! It’s filled with humour, wit, a whole lot of hotness and all around charm!
I highly recommend this book!



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