Jamie McGuire – All The Little Lights | ARC Review


Title: All the Little Lights
Author: Jamie McGuire
Genre: Contemporary, YA
Publication Date: May 29, 2018

The first time Elliott Youngblood spots Catherine Calhoun, he’s just a boy with a camera, and he’s never seen a sadder and more beautiful sight. Both Elliott and Catherine feel like outcasts, yet they find an easy friendship with each other. But when Catherine needs him most, Elliott is forced to leave town.

Elliott finally returns, but he and Catherine are now different people. He’s a star high school athlete, and she spends all her free time working at her mother’s mysterious bed-and-breakfast. Catherine hasn’t forgiven Elliott for abandoning her, but he’s determined to win back her friendship…and her heart.

Just when Catherine is ready to fully trust Elliott, he becomes the prime suspect in a local tragedy. Despite the town’s growing suspicions, Catherine clings to her love for Elliott. But a devastating secret that Catherine has buried could destroy whatever chance of happiness they have left.

The first time I read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire… I was enchanted. I knew it in my heart that for as long as I live, I would love this author’s work. That was 7 years ago. I screamed for joy when I received this ARC..
All the Little Lights is bloody good!

I am going to write this review a little backward by saying that THAT ending? Oh Lord! That was not what I was expecting. I like to keep my reviews spoiler free but at the same time, give a little glimpse, a little anticipation to the readers. So, I will say this… I was trying to be all smart and Sherlock Holmes like, trying to figure out the mystery… Nope. I wasn’t even close to being a “Sha” much less the Sherlock. All the Little Lights is mysterious and absolutely brilliant!

Catherine and Elliot are strong characters and I loved reading about them.

All the Little Lights encapsulates the story about the coming of age between two young adults, the struggle of living in a society where people treat you differently because of the your caste, colour and heritage, the innocence of friendship, the beauty of a blossoming relationship, the protectiveness of a loved one and the struggle and beauty of loyalty.

There is no denying that this book is gripping from the get go. There were moments where the pace was a little slow but the end result… the end result, my friends, is worth it.

I really hope you give this book a chance because Jamie McGuire can truly do no wrong. All the Little Lights is mysterious, sweet, heart breaking yet hopeful.



9 thoughts on “Jamie McGuire – All The Little Lights | ARC Review

  1. Absolutely one of my very favorite authors EVER! Beautiful Disaster remains at the top of my list of one of the best I’ve read in years…and I read it a long time ago! Just bought this book recently and now can’t wait to dig in! Nice review!

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