Christina and hood piercing

11 Things to Know About Getting a Clit Piercing (NSFW)

Piercing hood christina and

The Christina is a vertical piercing placed where the the outer labia meet on the pubic mound. But even with a good lip of skin to pierce, it often behaves more like a surface piercing—meaning that it can be temperamental, has an extended healing time, and is often prone to rejection. Adding a gem to the top can make for a striking look; unlike most other vulva piercings, this one tends to be visible standing, with the outer labia closed. Healing is slow, usually at about six to nine months. Healing is much closer to a navel piercing than a clitoral hood piercing. The piercing is prone to irritation, and because of this, face-to-face sex that puts pressure on the piercing is usually best avoided during initial healing. For those not anatomically suited for a Christina piercing, one or more surface anchors on the pubic mound can be an alternative, but these can be tricky to heal too—and are even more difficult to shave around!

Christina and hood piercingChristina and hood piercing

Client Asked For a Hood Piercing, Ended Up with a Christina Piercing

Women and men largely have the same piercing options. They can both choose from a variety of ear piercings , lip , eyebrow , nose and other facial piercings, tongue piercings and other oral piercings, surface piercings and dermal piercings , and even nipple piercings. Genital piercings are the one area where piercing options for women deviate from men. There are a few different female piercing options that are completely unique to women, all of which are in the genital region. When it comes to piercing options just for women, there are a few broad categories of female genital piercings and a number of specific female genital piercings that fall into each category. Generally speaking, the most popular and commonly-performed female genital piercings are clitoral hood piercings, labia piercings, and Christina piercings. Contrary to popular belief, very few piercers will actually pierce a woman's clitoris.
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Isabella piercing is a female genital piercing. This extremely deep clitoral shaft piercing starts below the clitoris and just above the urethra , and then goes up through the clitoral shaft and exits at the top of the hood. The Isabella piercing was first documented in issue 17 of Piercing World Magazine.
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I received a consultation request today from a gal who was concerned that her piercing hadn't been properly placed. Wow was she right! Could you please look at my pic and give me your opinion?
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