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Size giraffe penis

Click to Create Account. Login to FJ. Click to Login. Adjust content blocking Content Blocking. If you find this is a repost, please post to the original picture, posted no more than 2 months ago. Tags: Love their partners lol. ENE Among primates, man has the largest is thickest penis.

Giraffe penis sizeGiraffe penis size

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The term penis applies to many intromittent organs , but not to all; for example the intromittent organ of most cephalopoda is the hectocotylus , a specialised arm, and male spiders use their pedipalps. Even within the Vertebrata there are morphological variants with specific terminology, such as hemipenes. In most species of animals in which there is an organ that might reasonably be described as a penis, it has no major function other than intromission, or at least conveying the sperm to the female, but in the placental mammals the penis bears the distal part of the urethra , which discharges both urine during urination and semen during copulation. Most male birds e. Among bird species with a penis are paleognathes tinamous and ratites [3] and Anatidae ducks, geese and swans. While most male birds have no external genitalia, male waterfowl Anatidae have a phallus.
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11 Animals With The Craziest Penis-To-Body Ratio In All Of Nature

In the animal kingdom, there are many, many penises. But the biggest penis of all belongs to the largest animal that has ever lived, the blue whale. The average length of a blue whale penis is 8 feet 2. Do you regret clicking on this article yet? The tip alone is 5.
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The following animals defy the laws of nature in the dick department. It just comes with the territory. But I also hate to break it to you, but your penis pales in comparison to that of a pig, or even a green sea turtle for that matter. Animal penises man, a new horizon to make us feel inadequate.
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