Moon butterfly star vs the forces of evil

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Butterfly star the moon of evil forces vs

While it is unknown when this began, a family tradition was established which stated that when the newest heir to the throne turned fourteen years old, they would get a magical wand that has the capacity to destroy the universe if it fell into the wrong hands. The family name and lineage appears to be matrilineal, passing from mother to daughter. While male Butterflys do exist, they are noticeably in fewer numbers. There are two separate bloodlines of the Butterfly family: the original one extending from at least Soupina Butterfly to Meteora Butterfly , and the new one extending from Festivia Butterfly that includes Moon Butterfly , Star Butterfly , and multiple other members. Several members of the Butterfly family have marks on their cheeks referred to in Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension as "cheek emblems" : Star has hearts, Moon Butterfly has diamonds, Etheria has five-pointed stars, Solaria the Monster Carver has lightning bolts, Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness has spades, and Miss Heinous revealed in " Monster Bash " to be Eclipsa's daughter Meteora has clubs. These marks are the result of a longtime exposure to magic.

Moon butterfly star vs the forces of evilMoon butterfly star vs the forces of evil

Butterfly family

She was the ruler of the Mewni alongside her husband, River Butterfly , and Star Butterfly 's mother. Queen Butterfly is serious most of the time, having a low tolerance for anything messy or destructive. Despite being the queen, Queen Butterfly acts as the true ruling monarch of Mewni and always has the well-being of her kingdom in mind, to the point she is unable to express interest in anything else. This often causes her to appear cold toward others. Despite her overbearing strictness, she truly loves and cares for her daughter.
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Moon Butterfly

She was the previous wielder of the Royal Magic Wand before passing it down to her daughter on her fourteenth birthday. As of season 4 , Moon is no longer queen of Mewni, the throne having been passed from Star to Eclipsa Butterfly , and much of her memory is in fragments as a result of exposure to the Realm of Magic though it seems to be fully restored by " Ghost of Butterfly Castle ". As of " Moon Remembers ", she and River have left the kingdom to start a new life and formed a community of Mewman refugees. In " Pizza Party ", she regains the wand and the title of queen from Eclipsa, but after the age of queens and magic came to an end in " Cleaved ", she, once again, is no longer queen. Moon Butterfly has long pale blue hair, light blue eyes, and magenta-colored diamonds on her cheeks.
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