Tijan-Hate to Love You Review

tijan medium

A standalone, college romance novel by Tijan. Need I say more?
I have loved this author’s work and she has yet again NOT disappointed me with this one.

Tired of being used by both girls and guys for the sole purpose to get closer to her brothers, Gage and Blake, Kennedy Clarke has major trust issues and some serious reservations.
She wanted a clean slate at college: avoid attention (pfft.. she looks like Nina Dobrev), excel at studies (nerd glory), stay away from everyone-ok, maybe make a friend or two.
All that changed when she takes an upperclassmen Political Science class in her freshman year. There she meets Shay-not your average man whore athlete. maybe a little?
Kennedy Clarke aka Dick Crusher is smart, sassy and sarcastic. she’s unique to the core and isn’t ashamed of being different and true to herself .
Shay Coleman is HOT! He’s smart and dedicated…did I mention hot?

I loved this book. I loved Kennedy and Shay together! I loved the fact that Shay is so considerate, so faithful, kind and patient.
Can you make out that i’m in love with this book?!!!



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