Sex in the pee hole

If You Stick Things in Your Pee Hole, Awful Things Will Happen

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Photo by Studio Firma via Stocksy. Pee closet! Got it? In a medical that is, non-kinky context, the purpose of a sound also spelled sonde is to gently probe, unblock, or expand a passage inside the human body, most commonly a urethra or uterus. The implements for vaginas and penises differ because vaginas have much shorter, differently shaped urethras. People engage in sounding for the same reason they engage in anything: Because they enjoy it. And they enjoy it because it feels good. But once the sound goes all the way in, to where my prostate is, then it starts to be more pleasurable in the traditional sense.

Sex in the pee holeSex in the pee hole

There's One Anatomy Fact That Almost No Man Seems To Know

One user, a nurse, recalls how a year-old patient 25! She was wrong but, alas, she is not alone. Men in particular seem very shocked to learn this information. Women have three holes down there and they serve very different purposes. The first is the urethra and it can be found part way between the clitoris and the vagina, as you can see in the diagram below. The urethra is, essentially, a urinary dispensary system — it is the tube or duct that connects the bladder to the outside world and it is where the pee comes out.
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Urethral intercourse

Where is the pee hole? And no one seems to know where it is, at least not for sure. Basically, women have three holes: a butt hole, a vagina hole and a pee hole. We know this much for sure. Although I once had a gay roommate who had never actually seen lady-bits in the flesh, and as such thought we only had two holes.
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Top definition. Pee Hole sex. The male or female tip of the urethra. I think about you when i stick a pencil up my peehole cuz damn, it's my peehole.
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